build your freedom.

call in your tribe.

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We are living in a time of great transformation. Huge, juicy change is occurring all over the planet.

Young people today are no longer content with working set hours, being confined to an office and working 60 hours a week for someone else.

It's time to recognise the movement that's sweeping across our world and raising up young people in the most exciting and dynamic ways you could possibly imagine.





living your soul purpose.

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Concepts like time + location freedom, previously considered a luxury for the lucky few, are now considered non-negotiable for the next generation of game changers.

Residual income and the resulting financial freedom has become available and accessible for all of us. Which means being able to spend time contributing to the planet in ways that weren't possible before.

" There isn't a separation between work life and personal life, between earning money and living your life purpose, between professional fulfilment and nourishing your soul ".


We've chosen to create a business with doTERRA essential oils.



our job is to teach the power of plant medicine to people across the world.

We get to mentor, lead and empower women, men and their families to become healers in their own home and - for those who are called to join our team - to create financial, time and location freedom along with us.

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"This business is all about leadership, mentorship, collaboration and support"

  • were you put on this earth to mobilise others?
  • do you thrive on collaboration with like-minded soul sisters?
  •  are you looking for a way to combine all your ideas + talents into one, juicy business?


well, we want to work with you!


Join our team.