Meet our beautiful team

As the team has grown over the last few years, as each new soul sister joins the tribe, we have become, genuinely, as close as family. We have a Voxer group filled with voice memos of how much we love each other and how lucky we feel to have met one another. Talk about finding your dream colleagues! 

This is a collaboration like no other. We come together every week on a group video call where we share everything: our hopes, dreams, fears; we come together to support and cheer each other on. We are a group of diverse women who love nothing more than to welcome a new shiny soul into the fold. 

So, beautiful, are you ready to step into something completely new? 

You will be nurtured and guided and shown the ropes. We will teach you everything we know and hold space for you to thrive and develop into the teacher and leader you know you are.

So come and say hello! We are so excited to meet you! 

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Amy Ilic

I have always wanted to marry my entrepreneurial spirit with a natural, holistic lifestyle. When doTERRA grabbed my interest I knew that I could. I always toyed with the idea of studying herbalism, yoga, naturopathy but it never felt right. It never clicked. With doTERRA I get to educate and empower myself and others how to be healers in their home through these bottles of plant magic. I also get to be part of an incredible tribe of likeminded women, grow a thriving business and get inspired daily by my work. I’m so excited to be on this path.


Ellie Seilern

The lightbulb moment came for me when I realised that I had finally found a model that allowed me to channel all my dreams and skills into one big, beautiful business. Every single day looks different, whether it's hosting team calls, having heart filled conversations with my mentors, facilitating beautiful sister circles or supporting my customers. Each and every part of my job fills me with sheer delight!

I know my purpose on this planet is to spread joy and inspire those around me to make the absolute M O S T out of life. And I can't believe I've found a way to earn a fabulously abundant income doing just that, so that I can live a life of fulfilment, serve my purpose on this earth and have the BEST time doing it! 

Charlotte Barrett

I’m Charlotte, and I want to help you to reconnect to your power and lead a life of enrichment.  As an Emotions Mentor, meditation teacher and psychologist-in-training, I am fascinated with how the mind works, with how we respond to situations, and how we can reframe our experiences to help us find joy in the every day and be more present within it. I love experimenting with different tools and techniques to make this possible. I value collaborative working, building strong connections with people and the freedom to live and work as I choose. 


Veronica Czajkowska

It was a life-changing day when the penny dropped that the doTERRA business model encapsulated everything I desired: financial abundance, location freedom and work that I loved. The business is in place. The product is impeccable. The incredible compensation plan is there. The training is available. All you need to do is have the courage to show up and take full responsibility for your life, and the sky’s the limit. 

And this beautiful team is my dream tribe. Forget small talk, our conversations revolve around consciousness, raising our vibration, living in alignment with our soul, and sharing our deepest dreams. I’ve always wanted these intimate, spirited connections in my life, and now they surround me. 

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Sam Alley

The very nature of this business model is to love nurture and support each other. That’s what makes it the most soulfully aligned business there is. We collaborate, mentor, lead, inspire, and all this runs perfectly alongside our soul purpose. No sales, just genuine heart to heart conversations, sharing and supporting others.



Sarah Byrne

I discovered doTERRA about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love. What's not to love?! Once I realised how much MY life had changed, I HAD to get out there and help other Mamas create wellness and financial freedom. I wanted to show my daughter that women can create a sustainable income and live a happy, healthy life. The feeling of accomplishment, of helping people. Of truly listening to my dreams and desires.


Gemma Sands

Saying YES to the doTERRA opportunity has given me everything that was missing from 6 years of building my own business – sisterhood, impact and residual income. This is the most beautiful, spiritually aligned business model out there, and one that has a conscious impact on this planet and its people. I love being a part of our tribe because it’s a real sisterhood, we rise up alongside one another and getting to watch other women create freedom for themselves and their families is the BEST.

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Holly Ann Johnson

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has been a plant ally of mine for many moons, supporting me both physically and emotionally, particularly with headaches and calming anxiety. This year I have been diving deeper into plant medicine and healing herbs - a part of this journey has formed itself as new branch, one that was unexpected yet a beautiful surprise. I was introduced to the ethical organisation dōTERRA after having seen for myself the incredible benefits that can be had from using these precious resources. After copious amounts of research all affirming that this is a company I wholeheartedly believe in, who are forging a new way, creating a new business paradigm, creating a new way of being in the world and sharing my core values. 

After saying no to fear, it was a no brainer to me.