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Imagine this:

You're sitting in a circle, on some soft cushions and blankets, a group of beautiful soul sisters surrounding you. In the middle of the circle is a beautiful display of colourful glass bottles of essential oils, crystals, candles and a diffuser emitting the most divine scent of sacred Frankincense oil. 

And you? You are leading the workshop. You are facilitating that beautiful experience for the women around you. You are holding that space for them. You are working with Mother Nature, with her beautiful plant elixirs, and you are embodying the teacher and leader within you as you educate the circle on integrating this plant medicine into their lives. As you sit there; speaking, sharing, laughing, playing with the oils, you know deep inside your soul that you are finally living your life's purpose. To teach, guide, inspire and mentor others to fall in love with plant medicine and to create a life of freedom for themselves and their families.

Sounds divine, doesn't it?

Essentially, we are teaching others how to take control of their own health naturally using essential oils. DōTERRA believes (as do we) that every single person on this planet could benefit from these beautiful oils, and that face to face education and continued support is by far the most ethical and effective way to facilitate this. 

We bring this about by creating gorgeous, sacred sister circles, intimate one-to-ones or video chat hangs.  

It’s about bringing these little bottles of magic to as many people as possible. You will grow your own client base and support your customers to become comfortable and confident in using and sharing these essential oils themselves.

At the same time, you will teach others how to do the same and in doing so, you will learn about leadership. You will guide others, bringing out their best qualities and working with them to achieve their goals. You facilitate their growth whilst investing into your own.

This is why we love Network Marketing

There's a beautiful, symbiotic relationship between you and your team; their growth and yours. And it’s the collaborative nature of the business that makes it so fulfilling and so much fun! You are all working for a shared vision. You are all independently building your own individual version of that shared vision and bringing your unique Zone of Genius to the table. There is no competition. There is only support. We cannot reach our dreams and goals within dōTERRA unless we help our team to reach theirs. How awesome is that?! This the most abundant, spiritually aligned business model out there.

And the money that we earn from this beautiful model is residual.  

Being able to create and build a residual income is something that we feel extremely passionate about. Why? Because it means complete and utter freedom. 

As to what you can earn? It's limitless. Truly. 


Watch this video for a short explanation

on the nuts + bolts of the business model.

  • exactly how the business model work

  • exactly how you earn

  • the logistics (no need to buy stock, fulfil orders, etc)

  • an overview of the network marketing aspect of the business



What you will get as part of our team:

  • Weekly team calls and access to training from some of the company's top earners.

  • A weekly 1 : 1 mentoring, where we will teach you everything we know.

  • You will be placed with an additional sponsor who will support and guide you.

  • Access to our private Facebook mastermind group filled with the most incredible soul sisters across the globe!

  • Extensive business and product training.

So, if this is you:

  • You are a dynamic, enthusiastic and adventurous individual who has a yearning to create something *spectacular* in her life.

  • You are a born leader who naturally inspires others.

  • You are committed to personal growth and continual investment into your mindset (absolutely crucial for this business).

  • You are big picture focussed and trust that your VISION will carry you through the nuts and bolts.

  • You truly and deeply desire residual income, time and location freedom.

  • You want to create a business based on helping others and contributing to the planet in a meaningful way.

  • You believe in the power of women working together in such a supportive and collaborative way.

We would love to hear from you. 

We are growing a vibrant, fun and ambitious team of women across the UK, Europe and as far afield as New Zealand! We are a location independent posse. 

We're looking for spirited women who want to join our ride or die tribe. 

So, if you feel excited by this, have a chat with whoever brought you here and ask them to show you how to join our team.